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Working with us

What we do?
Our service is primarily aimed at building you a forecast of your long-term financial position.

What we don’t do
We cannot, ever, give you specific advice – like, buy this product or switch to that service. We can suggest some good people for you to get in touch with and we do use some independent Financial Advisors, who are licenced to do that – but Money-Guidance is not allowed to give you specific advice.

If that is what you need, then this is not the service for you and we suggest you look at our panel partners instead. Of course, you can use our service initially to decide and then go to one of our partners, or find your own.

What we do with your data
We will never, ever share your name with anyone else – unless you explicitly ask us to (eg please put me in touch with an expert on Pensions.) So, as part of the Data protection regulations (GDPR), this is a short summary of what we do with your data:
We store your name, address etc for billing. We don’t keep your card information at all, but we do keep a record of the sale so we can send an email reminder after 12 months.
We don’t keep your forecast at all – it is held with CashCalc and we send you the report immediately after the call.
If you ever want your account or information deleted, or to see a record of it, then just contact us at

If you are happy to accept these terms and understand what we do and don’t do, then please confirm by typing your name below – we’ll send a copy to you for your records.

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