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More about 7IM
We manage money aiming to achieve an expected return – trying to provide greater predictability of the outcome you receive. Planning your future is far easier this way.

The 7IM Balanced Fund graph illustrates our approach. The orange line shows an expected return, the yellow and red lines likely maximum and minimum divergence from that expected return (you will see that divergence narrows over time) and the black line shows what return has been achieved.

Points to consider

  • In making any choice of investment you need to consider the level of risk you are prepared to take and how much you need to achieve over what time.
    Investing in our funds is a long term commitment and not really suited to those who wish to invest for less than 5 years.
    And of course you must always remember that, however much we aim to improve the predictability of the returns that our funds achieve for you over the longer term, there can be no guarantees; the value of investments may go up and down and you may get back less than you invested originally.
    Past performance is not a guide to the future.
    If you are in any doubt about the suitability of the investment or service, you should consult a professional financial adviser.

You can get in touch directly or if you prefer, let us know and we’ll do the introduction for you, so they call back.  Just click the “Please contact me” button.  We will get a referral commission in that case – and you’ll have your next coaching session for free as our thank you. 🙂

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