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Budget And Cash Flow Plan Without Charge

How much budgeting and cash flow planning can you achieve on your own?

The short answer appears to be most, or possibly all of it – so long as you have access to the right financial planning tools.

Remember, this type of preparatory work is central to the formulation of a sound financial plan. To know where you are going, you must first of all establish your starting point – that is, set out your Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expenditure (a potentially unhelpful acronym) in a format that can be easily re-visited and updated.

We at Money Guidance have spent a lot of time reviewing available Life Planning software over the last couple of years. These offerings vary from fairly basic spreadsheets to highly complex software programs, which themselves require either the guidance of financial intermediaries or attendance at a number of dedicated user courses.

However, for most prospective investors there is unlikely to be any need for over-elaboration. After all, cash flow represents merely a series of assumptions which are capable of being fine-tuned from time to time by most of the visitors to this website.

Having taken the time to research this market, Money Guidance has concluded that the interests of our site users will be best served by accessing the cash flow planning tools from either Money Hub or Money Vista – both of which are available here on a free-to-use basis.

(For the cynics among you, Money Guidance has reached its conclusions independent of any direct or indirect incentives, be they financial or otherwise).

Pension Calculator

If you would like to calculate what the shortfall is between your current retirement funding and what you would actually like to live on in retirement, then Age UK has kindly agreed that free access can be provided to its very helpful calculator. We think you will find this tool simple to use, while producing enlightening and comprehensive results:

Click Here For The Ageuk Pension Calculator

Need Help? Money Guidance will be offering web-based Chartered Financial Planning at £65 per hour in association with its regulated sister company, Just Advice. Click here to learn more.

Benefits of Life Planning

Sound investing is not about pursuing the latest theme exhorted by fund managers, investment advisers or journalists.

The attainment of meaningful investment results involves a reliable strategy, rather than a tactical approach informed by flawed intuition.

To plan properly, you need to set down the “big picture” and then build up your medium/long term objectives from this base.

Life Planning software provides you with the necessary framework to attain your financial goals and is central to the fee-based propositions of leading Chartered and Certified Financial Planners.

Take the time to map out your finances using one of these valuable cash flow tools.

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