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Money Guidance Community Interest Company (CIC) represents a client-focused initiative, designed to promote a better understanding of financial planning processes and techniques in the U.K. This form of company has to be separately approved by the UK CIC Regulator and its constitution carries with it a clear assurance of not for profit distribution status. Conscious of the reduction in trust experienced by consumers in the financial services sector over recent years, we have resolved to confront this by creating a social enterprise which will use profits and assets arising from our business solutions for the public good.

The Money-Guidance team is composed of individuals who possess more than one hundred years` experience in the financial services sector and includes two Chartered Financial Planners – Philip Dodd and Alan Cheetham. Philip is a Chartered Fellow of the FCSI and has gained an MBA from Manchester Business School. Alan Cheetham is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and served his community as a Magistrate for many years.

The Role of Government, The Personal Finance Society” (P.F.S.) and The Consumer Financial Education Body (C.F.E.B)

In April 2011, the CFEB launched www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk. This is a free and independent service set up by the government to enhance the understanding and knowledge of the public about their finances. We have no hesitation in recommending that our site users take the opportunity to visit this website.

More recently, the Personal Finance Society (PFS), which is part of the Chartered Insurance Institute, created a comprehensive website offering free guides to help you understand your choices when it comes to money. Permission has kindly been granted for Money Guidance to provide the following link for your assistance: http://www.thepfs.org/yourmoney

The Role of Money Guidance

Money Guidance facilitates decision-making for those who want to exercise more control over their own financial direction.

DMY investors are encouraged to take advantage of the framework provided here, while at the same time remaining aware of any knowledge limitations that may exist.  In this way, it should be apparent when “comfort zones” are being exceeded and the need for either technical input or a “sense-check” is emerging (ideally from Chartered or Certified Financial Planning professionals).

We are particularly keen to stress the importance of costs to the outcome of your investment (let`s face it, the fee you are charged is one guarantee you can depend on!).  In this context, a very useful tool has been devised by SCM Private – known as the True & Fair Investment Calculator – which provides a unique insight into the relationship between investment costs and returns.  This company has kindly agreed that its valuable software can be offered to Money Guidance website visitors free of charge – using the following link:

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Money Guidance CIC is an Appointed Representative of Alan Cheetham (Asset Management) Limited, a company which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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