“Do More Yourself” (DMY) Financial Planning

Here at Money Guidance, we believe that sound financial planning requires the closer involvement of clients within a measured process. If you are given the tools to construct your own personal and financial framework, it should be much easier (not to mention cheaper!) to collaborate with professionals at a later stage should the need arise for specific advice.

Money Guidance CIC has been created to encourage your engagement in financial planning and to give you free access to tools and investment platforms that are the traditional preserve of fee-charging advisers. To be clear, we are not here to recommend specific product providers or “flavour of the month” investments, but to provide a framework for your financial decision-making – irrespective of whether you are resolved to go it entirely alone, or to seek help from qualified professionals.

One more thing: we believe that the cost of investing is crucial to outcomes (see Blog section). Thus, if you like the idea of trading frequently in the hope of outsmarting markets, while employing costly active fund managers, then this site is probably not for you.

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So what can we do for you?

  • On a free-to-use basis, we provide the very type of financial planning tools that are employed by advisers, and for which fees are normally charged.  These will assist you both in gauging your risk profile and in making use of cash flow planning.
  • Once you have made some inroads into assessing your own attitude to, and capacity for, risk, as well as mapped out your future cash flow, we then provide you with sample investment asset allocations from various respected sources, which are designed to support your self-directed planning programme.
  • Finally, by registering free as a Premium Content member, we can then provide you with a number of additional complimentary services – including (a) research which charts the performance of index-tracking funds against key criteria (e.g. charges, loyalty to index, stock-lending policy, etc.), (b) a range of essential updates and financial news bulletins and, importantly, (c) access to a very competitively-priced investment platform which is widely used by financial advisers, but is offered here free of all traditional intermediation charges by Money Guidance CIC.

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